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Pieces of Chocolate
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Meet the Chocolate Maker, Justin Yarbrough

The idea of Tempest Chocolate was stumbled upon around Christmas time. I was trying to think of fun creative presents to give my family, when chocolate popped into my mind. Who doesn’t love chocolate? I got to work and made chocolate bars for presents; furthermore, this struck my interest in the entire chocolate making process. After the Christmas season, I researched the “how” behind chocolate making and stumbled upon the phrase, “Bean-to-Bar.”

This was so fascinating to me that I decided I wanted to pursue my very own chocolate business as my passion. I live in Hampden, Maine which is known for its local nature-based products. Coming from the state of California, I hadn’t enjoyed the true beauty of nature until I moved to Maine. This inspiration, as well as my new interest in bean-to-bar chocolate, created a deep passion inside to make a local chocolate bar business. Thus, Tempest Chocolate was created.

Currently, we are a small family business that focuses on quality and service. Our bars are handcrafted to ensure they satisfy each and every customer.  We only buy our cocoa beans from ethical and trustworthy sources. Please come join us in helping our business thrive, whether it is online or in stores. Check out our, “How It’s Made,” tab to read more about the, “Bean-to-Bar,” process.


“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.”
― Charles M. Schulz

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