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Our chocolate is made through a seven step process: sourcing, roasting, crushing and winnowing, grinding, tempering, molding and packaging.

Step One: Sourcing

Sourcing cocoa beans is the most important step in the chocolate making process. Each cocoa bean has a unique flavor note based on its origin. We purchase our beans from credible sources that are honest and trustworthy.

Step Two: Roasting

Roasting is another important process in producing quality chocolate. Roasting cacao beans helps bring out the flavors of each bean. The roasting of the beans paves the way for an easier transition to the next two steps: crushing and winnowing.

Step Three: Crushing and Winnowing

After the cacao beans are roasted, they are cracked by metal rollers. Once all the beans are cracked, they are sent through a winnower which separates the cacao nibs from the husk.

Step Four: Grinding

The nibs are then added to a melanger. The melanger uses stone grinders to grind the nibs into a chocolate paste for approximately three days. Sugar and cacao butter are added to the melangers during this process.

Step Five: Tempering

Chocolate contains six different crystals which each have their own individual structure. The chocolate will be heated up and cooled to a precise temperature, which locks in a unified crystal structure. This structure is what gives the chocolate its solid and shiny look.

Step Six: Molding

Once correctly tempered, the chocolate then gets deposited into molds. These molds are set on a vibrating table that removes any air bubbles. The molds are then put into a cooler.

Step Seven: Packaging

The chocolate bars are taken out of their molds and are heat sealed in cellophane biodegradable wrappers. Finally, they are placed into our custom Tempest Chocolate packing and are ready to be delivered and devoured.

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